Panels and Keynotes

The panels and keynotes will deal with the following issues, among others:

  • The representation of women in public space;
  • Discursive constructions of women in leading positions and on the political stage;
  • East-West politics regarding gender relations;
  • Religious and political aspects of gender – intersectionality, body and citizenship/nationality;
  • Right-wing populism and gender;
  • Gender-equality in language;
  • Viscourses and gender – ImagePolitics;
  • Issues and political strategies of QueerLinguistics;


We have been able to invite some of the most prominent scholars and researchers who have dealt extensively with these topics: women who have proposed paradigm shifts in research.


4 Keynotes:

  • Deborah Tannen (Georgetown,Washington): ‘Beyond Sexism: Why Journalists always Write about Women's Hair and Clothes - and probably always will’
  • Luise F. Pusch (Germany): 'Feminist Linguistics as Entertainment'
  • Helga Kotthoff (Freiburg, Germany): ‘Indexing Gender in Mothers’ Stories  in the Context of Parent-Teacher-Conferences’
  • Stephanie Schnurr (Warwick, UK): 'Challenging Hegemonic Femininities: The Discourse of Trailing Spouses in Hong Kong'

5 Panel(organiser)s:

  • Birgit Sauer (‘Framing Religious Difference and Gender. Intersectionality, Citizenship and Body Politics’)
  • Natalia Krzyżanowska (‘Gender, Language and Politics – East and West’)
  • Martin Stegu (Discrimination through Language: Feminist and Queer Positions)
  • Eva Flicker/ Elisabeth Holzleithner ( ‘Gender and Visual Politics in TV-Series’)
  • Tuija Saresma (Right-wing Populism, Discourse, and Gender)


Konferenztitel | Universitätsring 1  | 1010 Wien